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G-Sonique Psychedelic Spiral S1 - user interface

G-Sonique Psychedelic Spiral S1 - user interface  ·  Source: G-Sonique

Modulation plugins are some of the most twisted fun you can have “animating” all kinds of sounds in your productions. By hooking up creative effects’ parameters to modulation sources like LFOs and envelopes, you can add a wide range of movement and interest to sounds that would otherwise appear “static” in the mix.


G-Sonique’s newly released Psychedelic Spiral S1 looks like the kind of plug-in ready to make your tunes jump out of unsuspecting listeners’ speakers. As the name suggests, it’s designed to appeal to psytrance producers, although anyone who craves experimental sounds is invited to rave along.

Psychedelic Spiral S1 comes with 25 presets and offers a modulator/multiplier oscillator, two LFOs, a multimode filter (Band Reject, LP, HP, BP, Peak), and discrete multitone modulation (DMT) options. The first LFO allows for FM modulation, while the second commands the filter. That’s enough to get seriously weird with your tunes, and it’s only the stuff visible on the surface!

We have no idea what’s going on under the hood of this plug-in, apart from various “psychedelic circuits” taking input sounds in ten different directions while driving a colorful hexagonal graphic. Someone pass along the LSD, please!

G-Sonique suggests applying the S1 to melodic leads, beats, pads, and FX sounds. But the way we take it, this is the kind of plug-in you can throw anything at and get a surprising, often not exactly “musical” result that’s very interesting nevertheless. The type of sound that makes people go “how did you make that?!” – to which you answer “seriously, no idea.” Ahh, producing is so rewarding!

If you are in doubt whether Psychedelic Spiral S1 can make your tunes stand out, G-Sonique offers a free demo whose only limitation is a short noise about every 50 seconds. The plug-in costs about 17 EUR for the first 100 customers, and 27 EUR on regular sale. Unfortunately, it’s Windows-only. G-Sonique definitely needs to up its Mac game! More information, demo download, and purchase links can be found here.


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