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G-Sonique Psychedelic Tunnel T1

G-Sonique Psychedelic Tunnel T1  ·  Source: G-Sonique / Gearnews

G-Sonique has released Psychedelic Tunnel T1. The developer says that the reverb plug-in places your sounds in a “unique three-dimensional psychedelic environment”. With many modulation options and an unconventional user interface, Psychedelic Tunnel T1 is aimed at producers of psytrance, progressive, chillout, tech house and other electronic genres.

G-Sonique Psychedelic Tunnel T1

G-Sonique is best known for techno-centric instrument plug-ins like Psychedelic FX 6000 v1, Neurofunker XG6, Techno-L HN1 and Trap Illuminator. They also make a range of mixing plug-ins, including a couple of Pultec and SSL emulations. Its latest release Psychedelic Tunnel T1 is a reverb, albeit one that comes with some unusual features. G-Sonique says that it can “make your synths sound like they are travelling through universe”, emphasizing its sound design capabilities. Consequently, the website lists the plug-in in the Creative/DJ category, rather than in the mixing section.

The plug-in’s GUI is similar to G-Sonique’s Psychedelic Spiral S1 modulation plug-in. Triangles take the place of the traditional rotary knobs or sliders, and also give visual feedback. The center row offers some standard reverb parameters like reverb length, HF damping, stereo width and dry/wet mix. Dark energy adds a sub octave to the signal, which takes us into sound design territory.

By turning up the Sci-Fi parameter, you can add several modulation sources to the reverb tail. There are three LFOs, each with controls for speed, depth and delay. The plug-in also offers auto-panning with variable speed. The GUI doesn’t make it exactly clear how the various elements are connected, but creative experimentation seems to be part of the concept here.

All in all, Psychedelic Tunnel T1 looks like an interesting plug-in for getting creative with reverb sounds. I don’t know if it’s a “magic portal” as the developer says, but it does have a few unique features for designing complex and modulated reverbs.

Price and compatibility

G-Sonique Psychedelic Tunnel T1 is only available as a VST plug-in for Windows. It runs on any version of Windows all the way back to XP and as recent as Windows 10, except Windows Vista. The first 80 buyers get a special price of EUR 16.90. After that, the price will increase to EUR 29.90. A restricted trial version is available.

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