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Nanopolis Antigone

Nanopolis Antigone  ·  Source: Nanopolis


Antigone is a 4-voice multitimbral synthesizer module that can run different sound engines all over CV/Gate with no MIDI in sight.



Nanopolis is bringing the prototype version of Antigone to Superbooth. Anigone is a Teensy-based digital synthesizer voice with 4 voices. You can use the voices monophonically, polyphonically or paraphonically. One sound-generating machine slot can be run on each voice along with one note processor slot and four modulation slots.

Sound engines include the likes of virtual analogue, supersaw, FM, sample player, wavetable, and plucks. You have 16MB of RAM into which to load samples and wavetables. At the moment there’s no mention of Mutable Instruments Plaits, which is often the source of multi-engine oscillations, so these may be new sound engines, but we will see. You get all the usual suspects for modulation, such as LFOs, ADSRs, S&H, etc. The note processor can handle things like chords and arpeggiations.

There are 6 CV and 4 gate inputs that can be assigned to anything. Presumably, if playing polyphonically, you’d use 4 lots of CV/Gate to control the voices, leaving you with 2 for modulation. You have 4, audio outputs which can be configured in either stereo or mono. There’s also no mention of filtering, but you have mixing and panning of all the voices.


That’s one fabulous-looking OLED screen. You navigate the interface via 4 endless encoders and 1 clickable encoder. You’ve also got a row of buttons, so it’s looking pretty simple.

Antigone already sounds excellent, and I look forward to hearing more about the details. In the meantime, enjoy this great demo video.

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