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Spiral Electric FX and SHOE Pedals Red Spiral Drive Channel

Spiral Electric FX and SHOE Pedals Red Spiral Drive Channel  ·  Source: Spiral Electric FX and SHOE Pedals


Spiral Electric FX and SHOE Pedals have collaborated on the new Red Spiral Drive Channel pedal. A drive effect, they say, that recalls the sounds of “hard rock, early metal and shoegaze.”


Further Down The Spiral

The new Spiral Electric FX and SHOE Pedals Red Spiral has three modes selectable via a toggle switch: Low, which goes from a clean boost to light drive; Middle for a crunchy, moderate drive and High, which takes you to your classic, high-gain territory.

Tone Pyramid

The Tone Pyramid is how they describe the three-band EQ, as it lets you sculpt your drive tones and uses a mid-emphasis Peak control. This will work closely with your guitar’s pickups so you can shape the pedal to your pickup’s characters and dial in your gain tones as required. It also has regular Gain and Output controls that you can set to taste, just like any other drive pedal.


  • Three-Way Gain Range Toggle
  • Three-Knob “Tone Pyramid” 
  • “Peak” Control Interacts with Your Guitar to Dial in Mid-Emphasis
  • Hand-Wired Discrete Signal Path
  • Laser-Cut Gloss-White Powder 
  • Blood Red LED  

Pedal Gurus

It could be like any other of the thousand or so drive pedals on the market, however, you have to take into account that this pedal’s circuit has been designed by Tom Cram of Spiral Electric FX and Christopher Venter of SHOE Pedals fame.


You know, the two pedal designers that gave the world the DOD Electronics Looking Glass Overdrive pedal. Tom headed up that whole team, until DOD dissolved the effects team and so he went on to form Spiral Electric FX.

His back catalogue of effect pedal designs is top notch and I would urge you to go read this piece I wrote back in 2018, as it explains it all.

I’d be interested in hearing some demos of this new venture, as they already have a proven history together.


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Spiral Electric FX and SHOE Pedals Red Spiral Drive Channel

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