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EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral

EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral  ·  Source: EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices’ Space Spiral modulated delay pedal is due out now. As so often with this American boutique pedal company, they have done it with a twist.

Cheap Karaoke

Apparently, they have used a chip culled from a ‘cheap’ karaoke machine to get a lo-fi delay effect. As ever Earthquaker Devices have made a pedal that challenges the rest of the pedal market and amongst all the ‘modulated delay’ pedals released this year, the karaoke aspect makes the Space Spiral stand out.

 Dark and Dreamy

The controls are pretty simple and well laid out with Time, Repeat, Mix, Depth, Shape and Rate knobs.  No menus or presets here, just a very interactive lo-fidelity organic sounding delay. The Space Spiral uses between 30ms – 600ms analogue-voiced digital delay to achieve its repeats.


I like the overall vibe of the pedal and the controls appear to make ‘happy accidents’ quite a common occurrence. I would also say that even though it is a digital delay, I doubt anyone would ever notice, because, in both the demos I have listened to, your ear just focusses on the oddness and dreamy quality of its repeats. It reminds me a lot of Mr Black pedals in many ways, too.

Do yourself a favour and check out the demo videos below, as trying to describe it is far too sterile, you really need to hear it to get what it is all about.

RRP $195

Earthquaker Devices 



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