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Roland RD-88

Roland RD-88  ·  Source: Roland

Roland RD-88

Roland RD-88  ·  Source: Roland

Roland has announced a lighter, more portable and more affordable RD Stage Piano called the RD-88. It takes the RD 30 year history and puts it in a gig and home-friendly compact package.

RD-88 Stage Piano

It’s simple, clean, compact and even though it has 88 keys it doesn’t take up anywhere near as much depth as most stage pianos. Its 13Kg weight makes it reasonably portable without having to hire help and the built-in speakers make it perfectly at home in your living room.

The sound comes from the Roland ZEN-Core with SuperNATURAL Piano and SuperNATURAL E.Piano. It’s packed full of over 3,000 tones and 400 scenes that make use of the 3-part split and layering. Each part gets its own effects system with 90 effect types, EQ and Tone Colour plus multi-effects for the scenes. It has Sympathetic Resonance, 8 types of Chorus/Delay, 6 types of Reverb, a Master compressor and EQ and reverb and EQ on the mic/line input. For a simple and understated device it has a lot of stuff inside.

No information on the price just yet.

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3 responses to “NAMM 2020: Roland RD-88 lighter and more accessible Stage Piano”

  1. Richard says:

    At last Roland have given up with their ridiculous joystick and put normal wheels for pitch bend / modulation.

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