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Viscount Legend '70s

Viscount Legend '70s  ·  Source: Viscount

Viscount Legend '70s Artist W

Viscount Legend '70s Artist W  ·  Source: Viscount

Viscount Legend '70s Compact

Viscount Legend '70s Compact  ·  Source: Viscount

Viscount Legend '70s modules

Viscount Legend '70s modules  ·  Source: Viscount


Build your own classic stage piano with just the sound modules you need in the Viscount Legend ’70s digital modular stage piano.


Viscount Legend ’70s

New in the Viscount “Legend” series is the Legend ’70s modular stage piano. The idea is that you start with a 73 key or 88 key stage piano and then you can enhance and expand it by installing additional sound modules into the front panel.

Viscount Legend '70s Compact

Viscount Legend ’70s Compact

Each piano comes with the mainboard containing the basic control and effects section. They come with the Electric Piano and Sound Collection modules preinstalled and number of free slots for other modules. Then you can add additional piano modules if you wish. At the moment these include a Clavi Module, Acoustic Piano Module and an External Module. In the future there may be a String Machine or Organ; whatever people want.

The module itself sits into the front panel and they have their own retro-styled controls all ready to go. It looks quite brilliant and is a remarkable idea especially for something like a stage piano.

Viscount Legend '70s modules

Viscount Legend ’70s modules

The sound generation technology is a combination of Physical Modelling on the electric pianos and High Definition Sampling on the Sound Collection and acoustic piano. You get full polyphony on the piano sounds and to 128 on the others. The effects engine is packed with modulation effects and delay and there are six types of reverb. The master output has a 3-band EQ.


The 73 key “Compact” has 2 free slots for modules whereas the bigger 88 key “Artist” has 3 slots. Both come with the same hammer-action keyboard although there’s also an “Artist W” version with wooden keys. They are quite chunky looking machines, very solid and great for sitting other keyboards on top. The Legend ’70s Compact will start at $2,290, the Artist at $2,560 and the Artist W at $3,060.

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Viscount Legend '70s

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