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Playtime Engineering Blipblox After Dark

Playtime Engineering Blipblox After Dark  ·  Source: Playtime Engineering


Building on the success of the Blipblox’s Fisher-Price approach to synthesizers they’ve stuck it through a portal of evil and Blipblox After Dark is the horrifying result.


Blipblox After Dark

With a bit of black eyeliner and patchouli oil they’ve transformed a fun-loving synthesizer into a depressed box of angst and aimlessness. Along with the selectable oscillators, two envelopes and LFOs and 3-by-3 modulation matrix they’ve added a multimode resonant filter, stereo delay, new modulations, extra wavetables and new drum samples.

It’s still as ridiculously engaging as ever and you can make music while pretending to fly your very own spacey wacey ship.

Well, it’s a lot of fun. Even if you have to trigger the kick drum in order to change the delay amount and trigger the snare to change the filter resonance – no, actually, that’s terrible! Well, other than that weirdness it can be a lot of fun for your $189. And the new look is certainly an improvement over the original. Playtime Engineering would like to think the new sounds and features would make it appeal to grown-ups. Just the sort of thing for your commute into work I think.


Coming to a car boot sale near you very soon.

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Playtime Engineering Blipblox After Dark

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2 responses to “NAMM 2020: Blipblox After Dark toy synthesizer for possessed children”

    speelycaptor says:

    i have to say, i actually like the design with it’s spacecraft console look and the 2 throttle levers in particular. Just add 2 of the new giant Doepfer joysticks and 8 faders for envelopes and you’d have a killer and flexible synth UI

    Richard says:

    Love it! Is it a MIDI controller too? Who cares, brilliant toy and better than the usual repetitive groove-box soundtracks!

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