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Jimmy Page Sundragon amp and some ol' Tele

Jimmy Page Sundragon amp and some ol' Tele  ·  Source: Sundragon

The new Sundragon amp is the result of a collaboration between Jimmy Page, Perry Margouleff and Mitch Colby. It is part of Rock and Roll legend and was thought Mr Page would never share its secrets.

Jimmy Page Sundragon amp

The new Jimmy Page Sundragon amp is, they say, a faithful recreation of the amp that Page used exclusively to create the groundbreaking sounds on their first LP Led Zeppelin 1. 

Page has kept tight-lipped about this amp for 50 years and now with the albums 50th Anniversary year upon us, he has finally shared its secrets. Of curse, we know for sure there will be a series of Jimmy Page Signature Fender Telecasters released this week at NAMM on the 24th. Just this amp, is literally the sound of that classic studio recordings, so it is super special in its own right.

Jimmy Page Sundragon amp

Jimmy Page Sundragon amp

Limited Edition

With a limited edition run of 50 hand built amps will be made throughout 2019, all signed by Mr Jimmy Page. So they will be rare, but a standard run will then take off at end of that run.

Page’s original amp “started out life as a Supro Coronado. After falling out of the back of the band’s van during an early pre-Zeppelin tour, the amp was restored and modified in significant ways. Jimmy realized that the sonic palette of his amp had changed to something new and unique. After being shrouded in mystery for more than 50 years, Jimmy has decided to share this extraordinary amplifier with the world.”

At the time of me writing this article there isn’t much else on the site, so hopefully, it will expand over the next week or so. Once NAMM has calmed down a little, perhaps?

Signed Sundragon immy Page

Signed Jimmy Page Sundragon

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  1. That amp sort of shoots Supro and their “Black Magick” amps in the bum doesn’t it.

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