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Fender Jimmy Page Dragon Telecasters

Fender Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster  ·  Source: YouTube/Fender

Fender Jimmy Page Mirrored and Dragon Telecasters Masterbuilt by Paul Waller

Fender Jimmy Page Mirrored and Dragon Telecasters Masterbuilt by Paul Waller  ·  Source: Fender


Fender has just released details on the Custom Shop Master Built Jimmy Page Mirrored and Dragon Telecasters, along with a promo video. Four guitars are being released, two of them regular non-Custom Shop versions – looks like this year’s NAMM stand will be packed!


Fender Jimmy Page Mirrored and Dragon Telecasters

Based on Page’s beloved original 1959 Fender Telecaster he used with Led Zeppelin and The Yardbirds, this iconic guitar is part of rock legend. After yesterdays Jimmy Page Sundragon amp announcement, it looks like the 50th year since the first Zeppelin record was released, will be a big one.

Fender Jimmy Page Dragon and Mirror Telecasters

Fender Jimmy Page Dragon and Mirror Telecasters

Dragon and Mirror

We got a great shot of the Dragon Telecaster in yesterday’s amp release news, but you can now see both on the Fender Custom Shop site in their full glory. The Mirror Telecaster is also now there to see as well.

Each guitar has Custom Shop Hand-Wound ’58 Single-Coil Tele fitted and both have the Oval “C” neck profile. They are two-piece Offset Seam Ash bodies and finished in nitrocellulose finishes, before being ‘customised’. Page helped with the whole process and literally had his hand in on the designs at Fender Custom Shop.



Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster



Jimmy Page Mirror Telecasters

How much?

Check out the video and hear Jimmy Page talk enthusiastically about the whole journey. Each guitar is ‘masterbuilt’ by Paul Waller.

Unfortunately, both guitars are hugely expensive, but you know they will sell out and only ever go up in value. Could be a great investment opportunity…

Standard editions

There is also a pair of non-Custom Shop versions called the Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster and the Standard Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster and these are both far cheaper.

RRP – Fender Custom Shop Master Built versions – GBP 23259 each, Standard Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster – GBP 2,349 and production Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster – GBP 1259

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