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Fender Rarities Series NAMM 2019

Fender Rarities Series  ·  Source: Fender


The new Fender Rarities Series will start shipping from April. With one guitar being launched each month, each one a boutique style, quilted maple affair and all of them cost the same amount of money.


Fender Rarities Series

A simple enough concept, Fender’s Rarities Series will release a single instrument style monthly.  You’ll  see  a different type of  guitar getting announced once a month, so there is a Stratocaster in April and then a Telecaster in May etc

Each guitar will be a bit special and feature things like premium woods, quilted maple tops, f-holes and high-end electronics. Plus of course really fancy finishes.


You could try and get one of each, but you would need to spend around twenty grand to do so. Although, at just over two grand each, they aren’t ‘that’ expensive. We aren’t talking Jimmy Page Custom Shop Dragon guitar money here.

Calendar Guitars

With eight guitars designs and one bass being made available, it should be a nice little earner for Fender. I’m not really a quilted maple top kind of player myself, but these guitars look alright to my eye. A bit too PRS-bling for my tastes though.

My birthday is in September and luckily enough for me, that month is a Telecaster, so if anyone fancies getting me one, I’m fine with that. I’m glad I don’t play bass though, as you have to wait until November to get your hands on that one!

RRP – GBP 2249 each

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Fender Rarities Series NAMM 2019

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3 responses to “NAMM 2019: Fender Rarities Series start shipping from April”

    Steve says:

    Just another reason to move the price point up. What was $1999.00 is now $2400.00. I’m sure it a great guitar but just be honest.

      Fender Man says:

      I just love the haters I see. Some people, like myself, don’t want some plain-ass, one tone color when I spend thousands on a guitar. the PRS style tops are EXACTLY what people like me want; something much more appealing to the eye than just ‘red’, or ‘white’. The price point should move up a little bit when applying such beauty to an otherwise plain guitar. The whole ‘cash grab’ argument is just silly

    joey racano says:

    Fender made 692 of the Flame Ash Top Rarities Stratocaster.

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