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Jimmy Page Standard Sundragon Amp

Jimmy Page Standard Sundragon Amp  ·  Source: Sundragon


New pictures and details have emerged for Jimmy Page’s Standard Edition model amp that I wrote about in 2019. It is a production version of the limited-edition, sold-out Sundragon amp launched last year.


Good times

It has been a whole year since the first limited edition version of the Jimmy Page Sundragon amp was announced. That one sold out like hot cakes and so there was talk about making a standard version last summer. Now, just in time for NAMM 2020, it is finally here along with some pictures of how it will look.

Based on the overwhelming response to the limited edition Sundragon amplifier, I am pleased to announce that we will be producing a standard production model Sundragon amplifier.“  – Jimmy Page

The new Jimmy Page Sundragon Standard is a hand-wired, point-to-point combo and built in New York by Mitch Colby and Perry Margouleff.

The amp is constructed much in the manner of the original and has two separate chassis for the power and preamp sections. It comes loaded with a single Jensen Special Design speaker to help you get those elusive early Led Zeppelin tones.


Standard Edition Sundragon

We’ve been waiting since Summer NAMM 2019 to find out more about this amp and its great to be able to see some images of what it will look like. It is based on the original Supro Coronado amp that Page heavily modified and used to record Led Zeppelin I back in the late ’60s, to get his signature guitar tones.

We all know how it should sound, we’ve had years to study those old recordings. But will it shape up? I kind of reckon that it will, and coming in at just under four grand, the price isn’t too exorbitant. Especially when you realise that the limited-edition version cost more than three times that amount.

You can register your interest for one on the official Sundragon Standard link below. If anyone buys one, can I borrow it please?

RRP – $3,875 

More Information

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Jimmy Page Standard Sundragon Amp

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