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Jimmy Page SunDragon Standard ampo announced at Summer NAMM 2019

Jimmy Page SunDragon Standard ampo announced at Summer NAMM 2019  ·  Source: Sundragon


During Winter NAMM a limited edition Jimmy Page Sundragon amp was announced and it wasn’t cheap, with only 50 being made and released worldwide. It was a a limited-edition recreation of the amplifier he used on Led Zeppelin’s first album.


Jimmy Page Standard SunDragon Amp

A  Standard version of the Sundragon amp has now officially been announced at Summer NAMM 2019. Which is great news for fans of Mr Page and Led Zeppelin, as the limited edition version cost a fortune and has already sold out.

Jimmy Page Sundragon amp

Jimmy Page Sundragon amp

Supro Coronado

The original Supro Coronado amp is what Jimmy Page used originally back in the late ’60s to record Led Zeppelin I. Just it was heavily modified to get the tone that he was looking for and thus it became part of the mystique and legend of the band.

Mysterious Specification

This new standard version of the Sundragon amp will feature many design aspects of the original limited-edition amp. Mitch Colby and Perry Margoulef where on hand to help Jimmy get the sound he wanted from this new model, but they are keeping quiet about the exact specifications for this new Standard version.

Please stay tuned for the good news 😉

Head over to the product page today and all you will see is some greyed out boxes and a ‘Please stay tuned for the good news ;)’ holding text.

Expect the new Standard Sundragon to ship in the autumn.


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