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Gulfoss EQ

 ·  Source: Soundtheory

At NAMM 2018, up-and-comer Soundtheory debuted its first creation – the Gullfoss intelligent automatic equalizer. The plug-in uses proprietary computational auditory perception technology to detect and resolve problems with your audio’s frequency balance. This way, quick and precise fixes for complex issues can be done.

Contrary to the elaborate technology behind it, Gullfoss has a clean and intuitive user interface where a minimal necessary amount of controls and information is presented. Thus, it’s an easy-to-use tool for musicians and producers of all experience levels. Soundtheory’s technology lets Gullfoss change its frequency response, with the highest precision, at more than 100 times per second without audible artefacts or signal quality degradation.

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Price and availability

Gullfoss is currently available for 64-bit macOS 10.9+ computers in AU, VST/VST3, and AAX formats. An early access deal is offered where the plug-in costs $99, down from the regular $199. A time-limited trial is also going to be made available.

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