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TB Equalizer 4

 ·  Source: ToneBoosters


At NAMM 2018, plug-in developer ToneBoosters unveiled TB Equalizer 4 – a very interesting equalizer backed with spectral side-chain compression, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. There’s cutting-edge technology behind this EQ’s reasonably familiar-looking exterior, so let’s have a look under the hood!


Within Equalizer 4 are up to 16 analog-modeled, state-space filter sections – each with an auto makeup functon that automatically compensates inevitable loudness differences occuring after cutting or boosting different frequencies. Furthermore, each filter section can be independently configured to apply dynamic downward & upward compression (or combinations of), which offers interesting possibilities. For example, one can program automatic, program-dependent attack & release macros for easy and efficient equalization, or adjust settings manually to accomplish creative effects.

With a real-time spectrum analyzer and AI assist function (to provide content-type-dependent EQ suggestions as you go), Equalizer 4 already sounds impressive, but that’s not all there’s to it! It also offers a real-time spectrum analyzer, external side chain support, up to 384kHz sample rate, and up to 16 channels. Furthermore, the graphical user interface (GUI) is fully scalable, letting users enjoy this EQ on all types of screens and screen resolutions.

With Soundtheory’s Gullfoss automated intelligent EQ on board too, there seems to be no shortage of smart equalizers on the market right now. Is AI the way forward for audio engineering, or just a gimmick? We’ll have to see how things develop from now on, for we find it a very interesting audio industry trend.

Another impressive something about Equalizer 4 is the price. Toneboosters is selling this highly technologically advanced EQ for a mere EUR 30, which is quite cheap for any EQ plug-in and in line with the company’s traditionally wallet-friendly pricing. What’s more, users of ToneBoosters’ TrackEssentials v3, FIX v3, or BusTools v3 can upgrade for a mere EUR 15. Way to go! Go ahead and visit ToneBoosters for more information.


2 responses to “NAMM 2018: ToneBoosters Equalizer 4 is the most affordable AI powered smart EQ out there”

  1. Subilo says:

    ToneBoosters are so underrated Plugins. Their Barricade V3 Limiter saved my life a while back and now the V4 is even more awesome. Fair prices. Unlike “boutique” developers with crazy elite-ry pricing

  2. Jordan says:

    ToneBoosters deserve a LOT more attention. The quality of their products is awesome and their prices are SENSIBLE.

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