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Eventide / Newfangled Audio Elevate

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Eventide is on a roll this October! After unleashing EQuivocate, an equalizer designed around the human ear’s frequency response, the reputed brand has outed Elevate – a big mastering plug-in.


Developed by Newfangled Audio, Elevate combines a multi-band limiter, EQuivocate’s equalizing technology, and an audio maximizer with the goal of increasing your mix’s perceived loudness and improving its dynamics. That’s pretty standard mastering plug-in stuff, so where’s the special goods?

Well, the limiter uses intelligent adaptive technology to analyze music in real time and dial in the appropriate settings for a great-sounding master. Of course, seasoned producers or mastering engineers will probably use these machine-masterminded settings as a starting point for further tweaks, rather than set and forget them.

Elevate also incorporates the 26 frequency bands of EQuivocate, adjusting gain, speed, and transients for each band in real time. If you want to get your hands dirty, you can draw curves, solo bands, and manipulate transients yourself. This way, you can home in on particular instruments or frequency ranges of interest with an obsessive degree of precision.

Elevate’s adaptive algorithms aren’t just for auto-mastering trickery. They are also designed to reduce pumping and breathing artifacts, perceived distortion, and prevent the unfortunate effect of having your mix “squashed”.


Elevate also contains several tools to help you with mastering tracks. The Auto Output Level feature is used to compare limited and non-limited audio with an equal amount of gain – so you can accurately judge the impact of processing on your music. There’s the Spectral Clipper, used for overdriving the output sound without affecting tonal balance or getting things to sound “tubby”. Finally, there are six different kinds of metering in case you like to rely on your eyes as much as your ears.

All in all, Elevate looks like a high quality mastering solution, driven by cutting-edge technology that aims to assist engineers and producers with better-sounding mixes. With Ozone 8 right around the corner, Eventide is doing a good job getting this one out before iZotope steals the show for some time to come.

Price and availability

Elevate is available in a $99 bundle that also includes Eventide’s EQuivocate. The latter is free until the end of October, then it’s going on sale for $99 – so you are getting a pretty good deal out of this. The plug-ins are available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac computers.

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Eventide / Newfangled Audio Elevate

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