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Eventide EQuivocate

EQuivocate may be extra geeky, but it's easy to use and comes in 3 colors!  ·  Source: Eventide


Eventide is the kind of sound effects heavyweight that hardly needs an introduction. The decades-old brand has successfully retained its relevance throughout the history of music production, harnessing both engineering mojo and computing power to come up with widely respected hardware and software. Its newest announcement is EQuivocate – an equalizer plug-in with match EQ functionality and special frequency bands modelled on the human ear itself.


EQuivocate has a whopping 26 bands, tuned to frequencies to which ears tend to have a specific response. This is meant to make music going through this EQ sound more pleasing to the ear. The EQ section is tied to a linear-phase filter which reduces pre-echo and prevents unwanted coloring of sound. But EQuivocate is no fixed EQ – each of the 26 bands is customizable.

MatchEQ is a mainstay of most professional equalizer plug-ins and a very convenient tool. Eventide‘s implementation is no different in terms of functionality – take a reference track you love for its sweet frequency work, let the algorithms steal its EQ curve – then study, tweak, and apply it. However, EQuivocate is different in that it makes a “transparent” match which supposedly makes for a more natural-sounding result. It makes sense that applying an EQ curve from a track whose production process may have been completely different could sound a tad heavy-handed on your song. So Eventide put in some thinking with the aim of getting around that.

Other noteworthy bits of functionality include Automatic Level Compensation, the ability to draw in your own EQ curve, and soloing individual frequency bands. Also, the plug-in comes with a bunch of presets by the likes of Richard Devine, Alex Saltz, and John McCaig to demonstrate its functionality and get you started.

Price and availability


You won’t believe this, but it’s true – EQuivocate is free! Free until the end of October, that is. Then it becomes a $99 plug-in, which is an absolute steal for an Eventide product designed to out-science most of its competitors out there. Nice one, Eventide! EQuivocate is available in all the usual formats for Windows and Mac.

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Eventide EQuivocate

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