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Eventide Quadravox

Get Eventide Quadravox for free  ·  Source: Eventide / Gearnews

Audioplugin.deals is giving away the Eventide Quadravox harmonizer plug-in for free this week. If you’re looking for a tool that harmonizes and thickens your vocals and other instruments, don’t miss this offer! 

Get Eventide Quadravox for free

Eventide Quadravox is a four-voice diatonic pitch shifter and harmonizer. It takes your vocal track (or any monophonic input signal, for that matter), and adds up to four harmony voices to it. You can set the key and scale, and specify an interval for each voice. A notation grid helps with visualization and allows for intuitive editing. Voices can also be detuned individually, for that authentic, less-than-perfect impression.

The plug-in’s features don’t end there, however. Each voice can be delayed by an adjustable amount. From slight timing imperfections to rhythmic, pitch-shifted delays, Quadravox has the tools to make your little virtual chorus more interesting. Each voice also has a pan control, so you can turn a mono voice into a stereo chorus. And because it’s a well-known fact that Eventide knows a thing or two about harmonizers, pitch shifters and delays, you can expect the sound quality to be excellent.

Price and compatibility

Eventide Quadravox normally costs USD 99. Until the October 30, you can get it for free at audioplugin.deals. The plug-in works on Mac OS X 10.7 and up and Windows 7 and up. It’s available in VST, AU and AAX versions (32 / 64 bit). You’ll need an iLok account or dongle for authorization.

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