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LVC Audio Limited-MAX 3

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Developer LVC-Audio released the third major version of its mastering limiter plug-in: Limited-MAX 3. A transparent and precision-oriented digital limiter, Limited-MAX 3 aims to offer flexible settings and useful features at a lean price. Indeed, the regular price of USD 50 is pushed down to USD 28 until the end of August! Here’s more about the new limiter plug-in:


LVC-Audio Limited-MAX 3

In addition to the typical limiter functionality, Limited-MAX 3 contains some features from the developer’s Clipped-MAX clipper plug-in. Alongside the several limiting algorithms, there is also the ClipShifter engine which is optimized for fast transients.

The plug-in also has a waveshaper with blending of different algorithms from an X / Y pad. You have to find the sweet spot between clean, smooth, punch and aggressive. This is also a way of injecting a more analogue-style sound in place of the precision that digital is known for.

In addition to attack, release and look ahead parameters, Limited-MAX 3 also features a DC filter and dither with a selection of noise shaping algorithms. Metering is also accomplished, with support for True Peak, EBU and PSR. The plug-in offers a target learning function for short-term loudness as well. Compared to earlier versions, ISP monitoring has been improved, as has protection against inter-sample peaks.

If you feel like trying this plug-in out yourself, give the demo a spin. The limiter is really quite cheap for the professional feature set it offers.

LVC-Audio Limited-MAX 3 – Price and availability

Until August 31 2021, the price is USD 28, down from the regular USD 50. LVC-Audio Limited-MAX 3 is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats for macOS (10.8 or newer) and Windows (7 or newer) computers. An iLok USB dongle is required for the AAX version. You can get a limited demo and a PDF user manual from the manufacturer’s website.

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