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Cherry Audio Vintage Modular

Cherry Audio Vintage Modular  ·  Source: Audiofanzine


We saw a teaser about Voltage Modular in the lead up to the show and I was looking forward to picking up some details as reports came in. But it looks like no one really saw it. That’s a little weird considering the size of screen they had it running on. So far all I can find is the video below, which gives a very quick overview.


Voltage Modular

Basically, it’s a virtual Eurorack modular instrument like Softube Modular and VCV Rack. They’ve gone for a colourfully jolly look which comes across better than VCV Rack but perhaps not as authentically as Softube Modular. Comparisons are inevitable so we’ve really got to dig out what it is that Vintage Modular can do that might give it purchase in this three-way battle for our desktops.

First of all it looks great, very animated, easy to pull things about and has nicely swung patch cables. They say it ships with over 40 modules which probably trumps Softube but not VCV Rack. They are pushing the ease of use and I guess that depends on how much help you are given. If you have to patch everything yourself then it’s going to be easy or hard depending on your experience with modular. Maybe it will have ready-made patches that can be dropped into a larger patch – that’s something I’d like to see.

Anyway, what they are saying is that they want to offer this up as a platform for developers so that anyone could write a module for it. This is very much what VCV Rack are doing and they have attracted about 500 mostly independent developers to create modules and it’s growing very fast. Maybe Vintage Modular, being made up of industry veterans, will be able to get in there with existing plug-in and/or Eurorack manufacturers. They have a modular building Java-based app that makes it easy for developers to make modules – this could get interesting.

Probably the most important feature it has over VCV Rack at the moment is that it can run as a plug-in. VCV Rack is working on some kind of VST Bridge technology in order to get the sound into your DAW which sounds very messy to me.

They are looking to release in March and it’s going to be “Super affordable”, which is nice. This is definitely one to watch and if someone could get me a decent picture I would appreciate it!


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Cherry Audio Vintage Modular

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