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Celemony ARA 2

Celemony ARA 2  ·  Source: Celemony

ARA is a plug-in extension that allows for deeper integration into your DAW. It’s what allows Melodyne to run directly in the timeline rather than as a separate plug-in like it used to. Well, here we have version 2.



Better and deeper communication for a more comprehensive experience. We can do new things. We now have simultaneous editing of multiple tracks; the transfer of chord track information between the DAW and the plug-in; seamless clip borders that make the manual setting of crossfades superfluous; undo interlocking with the DAW and more.

The specification has become more flexible and so Celemony anticipates version 2 becoming part of every DAW. The actual features available will depend on the specific plug-in.

Celemony is looking to release ARA 2 in the spring. Currently, PreSonus has announced that they are working on it, Cockos are integrating it into Reaper and Logic 10.4 is ready to go.

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