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Korg Grandstage

Korg Grandstage  ·  Source:

I mean square in appearance as well as a bit square in attitude. Korg’s current stage piano is the awesomely cool, vintage looking SV-1. A Japanese website is suggesting this is the SV-1’s successor, but there’s no way this weirdly angular box could be anywhere near as groovy. What is it with that wooden veneered back end? Very strange styling.

Korg Grandstage

I’m not finding much in the way of details so far. There’s nothing currently on the Korg website and no English speaking news sites have picked it up. I imagine they are all too busy checking out the full-sized keys on the ARP Odyssey FS. What I do know is that there are 7 sound engines and 8 categories of instrument. You’ve got some hefty knobs and sliders and some light up buttons for selecting sounds. It looks rugged enough to survive the live performance environment. If you photoshop off that fat wooden arse then it looks a whole lot more interesting.

With Roland also releasing a new stage piano, the RD-2000 at the show, it would be interesting to see some comparisons.

Adam from KorgUK tweeted about the light-up Korg logo on the back – oh come on!

For video, the best I can do is one in Japanese which probably tells you all about it. Translations welcome in the comments. There’s no help on the Korg website but if more information arrives I’ll let you know.


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