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Korg Gadget for MacOS

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Korg Gadget is a phenomenal collection of virtual synthesizers and drum machines for the iPad and iOS devices. With its inbuilt sequencing, pattern creation and audio capture it’s become quite the cool music studio. In platform jump I’ve never seen before it is making the leap from iOS to the proper world of MacOS on the desktop.

Korg Gadget for Mac

It’s become very common to see iOS versions of desktop software appear in the Apple Store. Slimmed down versions or accompanying utilities that complement the desktop. It’s unexpected to see it go the other way, but gee-whizz, is it welcome!

Gadget has always struggled on my 3rd generation iPad and so it’s great to see the full potential realised on the desktop. There will be a stand-alone version, with all the sequencing power of the original. There will also be a plug-in collection of all the virtual synths and drum machines.

Two new gadgets bring in the long awaited audio recording facility. That kind of makes Korg Gadget into a DAW. Bringing the Gadget count to over 30 there’s also a new drum gadget with 16 pads. Support for Ableton Link means that you can run it in perfect sync with the rest of your system – or someone else’s system.

Of course, there’s a collective sigh of disappointment from the Windows community. It’s particularly annoying to Surface and Windows tablet users because they already have the touch interface ready to go. On MacOS you’re restricted to mouse and keyboard. But who knows, maybe a Windows version could be in our future.

Full details of price and availability will be announced at NAMM on the 19th January. For more information head over to the Korg website.

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