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When EMI and Abbey Road moved over from valve driven desks in 1968, it was EMI’s own TG12345 transistor console that took over, bringing a new quality of sound with it. The sound went on to be one of the most recognised in the history of recorded music, used by the likes of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. The TG12345 desks were never commercially available, and Chandler Limited are the only company who are authorised to develop official Abbey Road/EMI equipment. This new TG Microphone Cassette is about as close as you can get to owning one of those famous channel strips.


The TG Microphone Cassette combines some existing well-known units by Chandler Limited to build a complete channel strip. First up is the TG2 Pre-amp for mic, line and DI inputs based on the vintage EMI TG12428. The pre-amp section features switchable corse and fine gain adjustments up to +70db’s. Select switches are on offer for type of input, phantom power, low cut and phase reverse.


The pre-amp is then coupled to the EQ section which is based on the EMI TG12345 Curve Bender EQ. This is a beautifully designed EQ for tracking most sources that this hardware will most likely be used on, such as lead vocals. The EQ ‘Curve Bender’ utilises high and low shelving, a frequency selectable presence band-style EQ, master output control and bypass switch. Finally there is the TG1 Chandler limiter based on the EMI TG12413 mixing and mastering console limiters. This is an opto limiter with hold, attack, release, knee, makeup gain and true bypass controls. The added bonus with this hardware is the ability to patch directly in and out of the TG1 Limiter if you want to utilise the it in another signal chain.

Prices look to be around 2,549 GBP which is exactly what I’d expect for such a special piece of outboard. Units will start shipping in June. I don’t think I need to say how much I would enjoy trying one of these, expectations are high!

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