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Mosaic 1U Modules

Mosaic 1U Modules  ·  Source: Mosaic


Mosaic is pushing the 1U platform with 5 fully fledged modules including a State Variable Filter, LFO, Random, Sample |Hold and Tap.


More 1U modules please

1U has often been a space for utility modules but Mosaic are not happy with that arrangement and continue to produce interesting, colourful and solidly useful modules for this platform. Let’s have a look then.

State Variable Filter: An all-analogue filter with CV controllable cutoff and resonance available on handy knobs. You get lowpass, highpass and bandpass outputs on a 12dB slope. Deliciously simple and effective. $119.

LFO: Only the one output but with the possibility of 4 waveforms that can be morphed between to find you perfect modulation. They can go from 30-second cycles up to audio rate and be uni or bi-polar. Along with the rate being CV controllable so also is the level with a unique built-in ducking attenuator. $99.


Random: Random voltage generation based on the Buchla Source of Uncertainty. It has both a stepped and smooth output with attenuation and a Gate output for three generators of unpredictability. $99.

Sample|Hold: Here we have two channels of Sample & Hold. You can capture values from noise, hold onto a sequence or even do some audio downsampling. $84.

Tap: Tap tempo, ’nuff said. $64.

All of these modules are available in white or black front plates.

The 1U format is getting more and more interesting and Mosaic appear to be riding that wave brilliantly. The only slight annoyance is the existence of two formats. The Mosaic modules ship in the Intellijel 1U format but Pulp Logic 1U format front panels are also available.

More information from Mosaic

Mosaic 1U Modules

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