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Behringer 2500 Modules

Behringer 2500 Modules  ·  Source: Behringer


With a glacial pace, the release of the 1004 oscillator brings the total of available Behringer 2500 modules to 8. Let’s check what’s new.


Story so far

Designed by Rob Keeble of AMSynths, a long time devotee of the ARP 2500, Behringer gave him the opportunity to realise his desire to produce cost-effective versions of the ARP 2500 modules in Eurorack form. Preorders on the first four opened in August and they have been arriving at a rate of about one a month since then. These are the 1003 and 1033 Dual Envelopes, Modamp 1005 and Filtamp 1006. By all accounts, they are really rather good and I picked the Filtamp 1006 as one of the best Eurorack modules of 2020 for its satisfyingly characterful sound and interesting CV routing.

However, you don’t really capture the sound of a synthesizer or modular system until you’ve replicated the oscillators. Behringer has just announced that the 1004 Oscillator is now ready to go. Also on the way is the 1047 Multimode Filter / Resonator, 1016 Noise Generator and the 1036 Sample & Hold / Random Voltage module.

Oscillator Module 1004

It is an analogue dual-core oscillator with discrete transistor circuitry to add a vintage vibe. It has 5 switchable waveforms; sine, triangle, square, sawtooth and pulse, which you can turn on, invert or turn off. Your waveform choices are mixed together and appear at two outputs giving some potentially complex results. Along with the 1v/Oct input you have 2 FM inputs with controls and PWM. Quite uniquely in Eurorack the module has an on/off switch.

No news on availability yet.

Multimode Filter / Resonator Module 1047

A 12dB State Variable Filter with a matched transistor design. It has four filter outputs; Notch, Band, Low and High pass. A separate Notch frequency control sets the notch relative to the cutoff. In case of overloading the resonance there’s a limiter switch for keeping things under control. You have input level control and 2 summed CV controls over the frequency and 1 for the resonance.

Available in about 4 weeks for £74 – preorder now via affiliate link.



Behringer 2500 Modules

Behringer 2500 Modules – strange perspectives on these renders!

Sample & Hold / Random Voltage Module 1036

You have two channels of analog sampling with separate clocks, inputs and controls. Patch in your signal and then trigger or gate the Sample input to grab whatever value is running through at that time. There’s an FM input to the clock frequency and a level control over the internal random signal. None of that makes a whole lot of sense to me. It’s the sort of module that requires a bit of a demo and those are sadly in short supply from Behringer.

No news on availability yet.

Dual Noise / Randon Generator 1016

White and Pink noise generator with two channels of noise and random outputs. Each noise output is switchable between the two colours of noise and has an individual level control. The Slow Random knob controls the level of the random CV generated.

Available in about a week for £72 – preorder now via affiliate link.

More to come?

According to the original images we still have the 1027 Clocked Sequential Control and the 1050 Mix Sequencer to come.

I’ve been picking these modules up as they’ve become available and I have to say that they sound great and have some quite unique and interesting features. The build quality is passable and they are certainly great value for money. As with all the Behringer Eurorack modules they have picked quite complex modular systems to clone and while the pricing may be aimed at beginners the functionality certainly isn’t.

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Behringer 2500 Modules

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