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Behringer 2500 modules

Behringer 2500 modules  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer 2500 1033

Behringer 2500 1033  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer 2500 1003

Behringer 2500 1003  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer 2500 1005

Behringer 2500 1005  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer 2500 1006

Behringer 2500 1006  ·  Source: Behringer


The first four Behringer modules based on the ARP 2500 modular synthesizer are now available for preorder for unbelievable pricing considering this is Eurorack and these are 2500 modules.


Preorders are open

Behringer announced that they were releasing “authentic recreations” of ARP 2500 modules just over a month ago. There appear to be 10 modules in the range and the first four have just appeared on the Thomann website and they are taking preorders. Stock is expected in a couple of weeks.

Here’s that pricing:

  • 1003 – Dual Envelope Generator – £51 – buy here (affiliate link)
  • 1033 – Dual Envelope Generator with Gate Delay – £88 – buy here (affiliate link)
  • 1005 – MODAMP Ring Modulator and VCA – £88 – buy here (affiliate link)
  • 1006 – FILTAMP – Lowpass VCF and VCA – £88 – buy here (affiliate link)

They are not the most exciting modules from the range but they are important parts of what could make for a solid 2500 recreation in Eurorack. If the rest of the remaining modules go for around the same amount then you’d be looking at a complete system including a case for around €1000 which is pretty extraordinary.

2500 modules

However, what I don’t understand is why Behringer is releasing them in this staggered way. They did the same with the System 100 and System 55 modules. And while there’s no reason why you can’t buy individual modules from those available and drop them into an existing system it would make more sense, to me, if you could buy them as a complete system. Because, perhaps, the beauty of the ARP 2500 is not in the individual modules but in how the modules work together in a modular system that makes it unique. If you’re looking for an authentic 2500 experience then that’s not going to be found in picking up a cheap 1003 Dual Envelope.


Although I might find it difficult to get excited about a Dual Envelope, even one with Gate Delay, it’s interesting to see that Behringer has tried their best to enthuse about it on the website. Also to note that they’ve accidentally put the same images and copy on the 1033 page as they have the 1003 page.

It is truly amazing that we get to have access to these sorts of modules because so few of us would ever get the chance to play with an original ARP 2500. I just wish Behringer exercised a bit of care and appreciation of what they’re producing and put them together in a more coherent way. On the other hand, these are 2500 modular clones for under 100 Euros!


In terms of availability, I read a Behringer comment on Facebook that said when products appear on the website, as these have just done, it means they have arrived at their warehouse. Shipping to stores from there usually takes 2-4 weeks. Thomann currently has them listed as “Delivery date unknown”.


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Behringer 2500 modules

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7 responses to “Behringer 2500 Eurorack modules now available at preorder for stunning prices”

    Roman Kendall says:

    “…wish Behringer exercised a bit of care and appreciation of what they’re producing…”

    This is hilarious – you are kidding right? Behringer has absolutely no appreciation for any of the vintage designs they are cloning – it’s a simple cash grab marketed at a very specific niche of customers who respond to “put great gear in the hands of poor musicians” and nostalgia. Nothing more.

    richard says:

    Breaking heir back?
    maybe kicking their arse!!
    There was no need for the system 500 modules from Roland being sold at 300+ quid each
    Automated SMT technology is the same everywhere and Roland utilise it in their other products. so this is outrageous.
    Behringer are moving a stagnant market into a new era – people have been crying out for value for money analogue synths and drum machines.
    I had 2 of the Roland sys 500 modules but then waited for a year for 5 B100m modules for 150 quid less than the 2 Rolands.
    I could never afford an MS 20 and was looking at the mini but now have a K2
    I think Korg are doing great things with the volcas and the monologue and minilogue XD (I have both and a wavestate) but I have a TD3 Crave and a neutron and think Behringer are doing something that needed to be done.
    Much like the Model T Ford (not model D) same basic design with tweaks mass produced
    Shame on you Roland

      Roman Kendall says:

      OK, but you’re sort of just proving my point: you are calling out the low price and the fact that you want older designs but could never afford them. This is marketing nostalgia to people who can’t afford nostalgia by copying old designs. We’re not talking about taking the guts of a Model-T and building a new car of your own design, we are talking about using the exact same panel layouts, colors, knob designs, and in some cases fonts and logos – it’s simply a cheap attempt to sell you a copy of something you could otherwise not afford. And copying someone else’s work is not “moving a stagnant market into a new era”, in my opinion. Where are the innovative Behringer designs that will become classics?

      However, if that works for you, that’s great. Make some great music with that gear. Personally I have a full rack of System 500 modules and I am very, very happy with the sound, the build quality and the authenticity of them. I earn my living making music and sound, so I consider it important to buy equipment that is of quality, and Roland has never let me down.

      People are different, it’s OK!


        Matthew Janovic says:

        You really come off as ridiculous making such obviously absurd arguments. Do you really think there’s any moral aspect to any of this? What a joke…

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