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Mosaic 1U

Mosaic 1U  ·  Source: Mosaic


Mosaic 1U tiles are colourfully designed with white or black front panels and 18 modules to choose from featuring far more than the usual utilities.



It’s a good name for 1U Eurorack modules and a great selection of options ranging from 8HP to 20HP. A 1U row in Eurorack tends to be a useful place to offload some utilities such as mults or signal routing but with Mosaic you could find them becoming a bit of a feature.

The collection includes an all-analogue CEM3340 VCO with 4 waveshapes, FM and PWM. There’s a Low-Pass Filter, a Plucked String and a Reverb. There’s also an entire bunch of synth drum modules with which you could build a whole kit.

Here’s the whole list:

  • ADSR Envelope – $119
  • Analog VCO – $149
  • Bass Drum – $139
  • Buffered Signal Multiplier (2×4 or 1×8) – $35
  • Clock – $99
  • Dual Linear VCA – $99
  • Four-Channel Mixer – $69
  • Hi-Hat – $139
  • LED – $24
  • Line Input – $35
  • Line Output – $35
  • Low Pass Filter – $119
  • Mono Reverb – $119
  • Multiple – $24
  • Plucked String – $139
  • Quantizer – $129
  • Snare Drum – $139
  • Variable Delay – $119

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There are some great little solutions in there like the Line Input and Output modules and the Multiple which are well priced and a great use of 1U. The Quantizer has a useful arpeggiator mode for generating its own notes.

Mosaic is taking preorders now and start shipping by the end of May. They are all in Intellijel format but Pulp Logic panels are available on request.

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