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Mooer Radar IR Loader micro pedal

Mooer Radar IR Loader micro pedal  ·  Source: Mooer


Mooer’s Radar is a new micro-format pedal which can be loaded with IRs, allowing you to build your favourite speaker emulations into your pedalboard rig.


Impulse Responses

I’ve talked a lot about how Impulse Responses or IRs as they are commonly known, can really improve your overall guitar tone. In the virtual world, hardware products like virtual guitar amps becoming more and more popular.

A total of 30 Impulse Responses are supplied with Radar as default, as well as 11 different microphone models and virtual four power amplifiers. In addition, an EQ is also supplied. Everything is controlled by a single bright red, rotary control, which also doubles as the foot switch. The unit also has a headphone output, so you can use it for quiet practice even if you are not going directly into the PA or an audio interface for recording. The latter two cases will be the two main uses for this product for most of us.



The real highlight, however, is the possibility to load your own IRs onto the Radar, so you can personalise your presets and make it your own. By using the built-in USB port you can connect it to your PC and upload your own IRs into the Radar. There’s no mention of a Mac version of the software on Mooer’s web page, but their site isn’t exactly great for information, so it may become available for OSX later.

If the price is right, I can see this being a very handy unit for players that need a simple way to add Impulse Responses to their ‘virtual’ and hardware guitar rigs.


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Mooer Radar IR Loader micro pedal

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2 responses to “Need IRs on your pedalboard? Mooer has you on its Radar…”

    Richard Gibson says:

    The Logidy EPSI pedal from a few years back did this in stereo with SD-card for loading user impulses. It’s a pity more of the big guitar effects manufacturers (cough – BOSS – cough) don’t make these types of convolution / impulse response processor effects, as they offer limitless possibilities if you can load user files.

      Jef says:

      I completely agree with you on that one fella. It is the way forward for getting a good tone and is pretty easy to use once you have found the IRs you like.

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