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Rockboard MOD 5 Mooer

Rockboard MOD 5  ·  Source: Rockboard

A joint effort between Rockboard and Mooer, the new MOD 5 could be a fantastically useful pedalboard tool that combines a DI Box, a connection box and an IR loader. But there’s a caveat…

RockBoard MOD 5

The new MOD 5 has some very handy tools for your pedalboard  (as long as you have a Rockboard pedalboard, that is). It manages to squeeze in six easily selectable stereo/mono Impulse Response speaker simulations, with support for up to 1024 user IRs. There’s also an active DI, a headphone output and even a micro-USB port. You can use the micro-USB connection for both firmware updates and loading all your custom IRs.

The big six position knob on the rear lets you select your IR. That’s a nice, simple function for busy musicians to use in a hurry. No annoying menus or fiddly little buttons here, perfect!

On top of all of this, the MOD 5 also gives you a patch bay that has three ins/outs, plus a parallel out and even an XLR out, with both balanced/unbalanced, plus lift/ground switches.


Neat solution, but…

The whole unit is designed to slot neatly into the back of the Rockboard pedalboards, making it a super-neat solution for your rig. I’m impressed by its compact nature. This could be a great solution for many scenarios encountered by gigging guitar players. Unfortunately, it won’t fit into the back of my pedalboard and I’m not sure I want to buy another board just yet.

Rockboard with MOD 5 fitted

Rockboard with MOD 5 fitted

However, in my opinion it is really well priced and therefore worth considering if you already own a compatible Rockboard pedalboard. The RockBoard MOD 5 fits the entire RockBoard range except the RockBoard DUO 2.0 and DUO 2.1 models

RRP – EUR 179

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