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RockBoard PedalSafe: Pedal condoms for your favourite stompboxes?

RockBoard PedalSafe: Pedal condoms for your favourite stompboxes?  ·  Source: RockBoard

RockBoard PedalSafe

RockBoard PedalSafe system  ·  Source: RockBoard

The new PedalSafe transparent covers will keep your stompboxes safe from harm, Rockboard says – think condoms for your stompboxes. The big difference is you can’t buy these from a slot machine in your local pub toilet…

RockBoard PedalSafe

I have seen many ridiculous designs for guitar equipment in my lifetime. Some of them were solutions to non-existent problems and others were just pure snake oil. But the new RockBoard PedalSafe transparent rubber pedal covers are hilarious. Whether or not they actually do stop splashed beer damaging your favourite boutique Klon clone or not, I couldn’t say. But they made me laugh like an idiot for a few minutes.

RockBoard PedalSafe

RockBoard PedalSafe

These transparent protective plastic sheathes have removable caps that let you access the knobs and jack sockets. You can then clamp them onto supplied mounting plates that are attached to your pedalboard with screws. Or you can mount them with velcro. They come in different sizes, so you’ll probably find the right one for most of your pedals. I’m not sure if they cater for odd sizes, but we will have to wait and see what Rockboard comes up with to cater for more outlandish pedal formats. Micro and mini pedal sizes are catered for, too, as well as larger horizontal format boxes.

The PedalSafe is available to order, but won’t be shipping till the end of June. If you need to protect your pedals from imminent danger, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks. The prices look just about OK, from about €11 up to around €22. If you want to kit out your whole board, it could get expensive, though.

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by Jef

6 responses to “RockBoard PedalSafe: Pedal condoms for your favourite stompboxes?”

    • Jef says:


      • Cort says:

        Conclusive proof (as if it were still needed) that the pedals market is in a huge hype bubble. Protect your pedals! Why do I need to protect a steel case designed to be stomped on by a booted foot?
        The bubble will burst. Let’s see who survives.

  1. Gary Nobody says:

    Do you have solution(s) for TC VoiceLiveExtreme & Play Acoustic + Line6 Helix WITH Morley “Slimline” (Vol/Wah) Pedal as combination or separate?

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