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The PeacePoti concept is simple. A set of dials that players can use to lock in their desired settings on their favourite effects pedals, so that you don’t accidentally ruin your favourite tones.


The PeacePoti add-on replaces your favourite stompboxes’ control knobs and locks down your settings, so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally nudging them. Each PeacePoti has a peace sign in the centre that lets you know where it is set to, and you can easily adjust them using your plectrum or a similar thin object. A protective outer sleeve keeps them in place and helps protect your knob settings.

PeacePoti adjust settings easily with your plectrum

PeacePoti adjust settings easily with your plectrum

Protect Your Knob

It may be a bit overkill for some players, but if you’ve ever owned pedals with lots of closely situated knobs, you’ll know how annoying it can be to accidentally nudge other knobs whilst adjusting effects parameters. So these could be pretty useful. Of course, it can get pretty expensive too. If you have 5 pedals on your board, each with 3 knobs, then you are going to need 15 PeacePoti dials, which will cost you a fair bit of cash.

PeacePoti – Lock in your favourite pedal settings

PeacePoti – Lock in your favourite pedal settings

Launch Discount

Hopefully they will do some hefty discounting, otherwise this gadget could be an expensive luxury for many players. If you want to pick up a set for your pedalboard rig, head over to Kickstarter where they are launching a campaign soon, with a 35% launch discount offer. You can check out the video below to see the PeacePoti in action.

RRP –  PeacePoti dials are estimated to go on sale for  EUR 24/ USD 28.50 a pair

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3 responses to “PeacePoti: Lock in your favourite pedal settings”

  1. Leroy Barton says:

    Hey Jef, was curious about how you decide on what kickstarted to campaign to support and which not to? I always thought you guys were none non biased and just putting out the latest and greatest as you discover them. But it seems this must not be your way. Do you guys only share what you are paid to share, or how does it work?

  2. Jef says:

    Generally I just put out what catches my eye when it comes to crowd funded products/ideas. Sometimes, new products contact us, though more often than not it is something I’ve seen on a guitar forum or social media, which is where I heard about these for example. Nobody pays me for any promoted items and any reviews/articles are just my opinions/points of view.

  3. Leroy Barton says:

    Well that’s good to know. Was curious because I had sent you a link to a project I discovered and thought it would be right up your alley being that I discover many cool new things from you guys but I never saw a post or got a response from you about it. Then seeing this Kickstarter reminded me about it all.

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