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ZVex Vibrophase

ZVex Vibrophase  ·  Source: ZVex

ZVex famously launched the concept of a candle-powered phaser pedal during the NAMM Show in 2016. Since the announcement of the Candela Vibrophase, many players wondered would if anything would really come of this crazy idea. Now the cat’s out of the bag!

ZVex Vibrophase

Zachary Vex is a mad genius, in the coolest sense of the phrase. He designs unique guitar effect pedal circuits and different ways of manipulating audio signals. Sometimes these are seriously ‘off the wall’ ideas, as in the Candela Vibrophase.

Now he has taken that phasing effect and turned the concept into a more conventional phaser pedal, which is something I believe many players will really enjoy using. As I’m a huge fan of phaser pedals, I was really impressed with Zachary’s original candle powered concept. But, of course, it was totally impractical for use in a real-world scenario.

Candle-less power

Now you can use a Vibrophase on your guitar’s sound without worrying about fire hazards or someone blowing your candle out. I think it this effect has a unique sound, giving something new to the world of modulation/phasing.

It has five controls with knobs to control the tone, labelled High Bias and Low Limit, Speed and Feedback. The interface also lets you blend between Phase and Vibrato. Check out Zachary’s demo video below to get a an idea of what this can achieve and to hear a few of his favourite settings.

The ZVex Vibrophase comes in the newer vertical format the company has recently adopted, which makes it more pedalboard-friendly. Again, I feel this is a good move and one that players will appreciate. Price-wise, it is about right for a handmade boutique pedal and I’m a fan of its psychedelic paint job too. I have a feeling one of these may well appear on my own board quite soon!

RRP – USD 269

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