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Zvex Candela Vibrophase

Zvex Candela Vibrophase  ·  Source:

Zvex Candela Vibrophase pedal boutique USA

Zvex Candela Vibrophase  ·  Source:

Zachary Vex launched his Candela Vibrophase at NAMM and claims it is the first candle-powered effects pedal. Bold claim, as I’m pretty sure Boss have made one in the ’70s (not really…). The godfather/designer of the Fuzz Factory and the Woolly Mammoth Fuzz has now lost the plot completely. But I do love it!

But seriously, ZVex claims this will run for nearly 5 hours off of one tea light candle. So, all you SteamPunk bands can now go and add the ‘Ultimate Victorian’ tech into your band’s mix. The pedal is a Phase/Vibe pedal; these normally work using light and a classic photocell. This is a vibe pedal, just powered by candlelight and using the Victorian tech of a Stirling engine, a 200-year-old technology.

I’m not sure if it will pass most venues’ fire safety standards, so you may want to check before you take it down to your local venue.

Watch the videos below and watch the glow of true analog technology. I am pretty sure Zachary Vex has breathed in far too many solder fumes in his lifetime.

RRP USD $6000


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