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ZVex prototype 'candle' powered effect

ZVex prototype 'candle' powered effect  ·  Source: Zvex Facebook


Will Mr Z Vex has posted a video on his Facebook page of himself and his cat Rex in a hotel room playing with candles. Those of you who remember his previous exploits will be intrigued…


NAMM 2017

Bonafide ”genius” and loveable oddball Zachary Vex of ZVex Effects fame has been playing with candles again and it would appear this time he has more than one on the go at a time. After this year’s Candela Vibrophase, which was powered by a single tea-light candle, it looks like Zachary has upped the ante and is now about to release another flame-powered effect for Winter NAMM 2017.

Eight tea light candles produce heat in the region of 150 °C;  the heat is then converted into “electricity” via thermal generators. But what is he up to with all that power?

Check the video below to see a brief look at this flame-powered monstrosity being measured in a hotel room, with Zachary’s cat watching the whole proceedings from the hotel bed!

I’m sure if you follow him on his Facebook page then you’ll know he is always up to something and with Zachary that something is always fun! We are looking forward to hearing and seeing what he comes up with at the announcement during Winter NAMM 2017.

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