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The Mooer L6 MKII Pedal Controller, keeps your stompboxes in order

The Mooer L6 MKII Pedal Controller, keeps your stompboxes in order  ·  Source: Mooer


If you’re running complex combinations of pedals, a loop switcher could be just what you need to manage all your effects. Mooer has just announced an update to its Loop 6 Pedal Controller, the MKII, that gives you all the handy features that Mooer offered in the first version, with one major addition. 


Mooer L6 MKII Pedal Controller

If you love your stompboxes and need to get them organised, there are plenty of options on the market. But Mooer packed a lot into the MKI of the Loop 6, with a lot of features for the money. This programmable loop switcher can manage up to six effects loops, making switching effects a lot simpler. This new white version retains all the features from the previous all-black Pedal Controller Loop 6 * – with one very useful addition: buffering.

Mooer L6 MKII Pedal Controller

Mooer L6 MKII Pedal Controller

Play and Live

Like its predecessor, the L6 MKII has two modes of operation, Play and Live. Each is tuned to a different way of working. Play allows you to save and recall up to 36 preset configurations and recall them at at the tap of a footswitch. Live is far simpler and enables the unit to function like a regular pedalboard, with each footswitch toggling each individual loop. I can see both being super handy. As a user I would likely opt to use the unit in Live mode most of the time, but I must admit that programming presets could be really useful for more complex combinations of effects.

Mooer L6 MKII Pedal Controller rear panel

Mooer L6 MKII Pedal Controller rear panel


The updated MKII version now adds both pre- and post-position buffers that should help to attenuate your guitar signal, giving you a consistent tone, no matter which effects you engage on your board. All the other original functions are there that made the first version attractive, like the built-in tuner and mute switch, both handy to have onboard.

Sieze control

This unit has nice look, I think, and a big LED display that’s nice and easy to read is a bonus. I have used the MKI, and it was fine. At my age, perfect vision is a distant memory, so the display helped me finding my way around. Mooer is asking for less of your cash than the competition for a buffered switcher. Given the price point, the L6 MKII Pedal Controller could be a winner. The pre and post buffers means it should handle all my various effect pedals with no qualms.

RRP – USD 189

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The Mooer L6 MKII Pedal Controller, keeps your stompboxes in order

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    Steve says:

    This looks great, I had no idea Mooer made something like this! Going to get this for my new pedal board build!

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