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Flamma FS07 Cab

Flamma FS07 Cab  ·  Source: Flamma/YouTube


Effects manufacturer Flamma from Shenzhen, China, has just announced an inexpensive cab sim solution with the FS07 Cab pedal, to take your favourite impulse responses (IR) on stage. 


Flamma FS07 Cab

We had not yet heard of the company Flamma, that currently has a lineup consisting of 16 effect pedals, speakers, amps and multi-effects. Although, its multi-FX does remind us strongly of the Harley Benton DNAfx Git or the Mooer GE150*.

The company’s new FS07 Cab is an IR loader effect pedal that, like the Mooer Radar or the Joyo Cab, brings both impulse responses from the factory, as well as the ability to load impulse responses via a USB in the editor on the computer.

11 stereo speakers are factory installed to get you going and these are editable/exchangeable by the user. There are also 7 presets that you can freely assign. Optionally, two cabinets per slot can be switched via the central A/B pressure switch, which will also overwrite the preset with the current settings of the controllers at the same time.

Flamma FS07 Cab - Bargain priced IRs for your pedalboard?

Flamma FS07 Cab – Bargain priced IRs for your pedalboard?


Overall, the controls look well thought out: In addition to volume and type (IR), there are controls for low cut, high cut and another for latency at hand. The footswitch switches the presets through or optionally on/off.


Price and market launch

The Flamma FS07 Cab currently costs USD 88 (down from USD 188) and can only be ordered from the manufacturer for the time being. In terms of price, it may currently be the cheapest IR pedal on the market. The Mooer Radar* costs 112 euros, the Joyo R-08 Cab Box* 169 euros, and even the Hotone Binary IR Cab* still costs more at 99 euros. So the FS07 not only has the potential for saving you some money but also, apparently, more flexibility. Even if it does lack power amplifier emulation, such as in Radar, or a digital 3-band EQ.

RRP – USD 88

More Information on the Flamma FS07 CAB

FS07 Demo Video

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Flamma FS07 Cab

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