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Mooer Devin Townsend Ocean Machine

Mooer Devin Townsend 'Ocean Machine' reverb, delay and looper effect pedal.  ·  Source:

Mooer Ocean Machine Devin Townsend

Mooer Ocean Machine Devin Townsend  ·  Source:


The Devin Townsend Ocean Machine by Mooer is – finally – ready to be released! We wrote about it last year and now it is due imminently. Take a sneak peak at Devin talking about his new delay pedal in the video below, or LA natives can check it out at the Winter NAMM Show next week. But given all the features they’re trying to pack in there, how easy will this pedal be to use in a hectic live situation?


Devin Townsend

The legend that is Devin has been working with Mooer on his delay pedal and it looks and sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Mooer Ocean Machine Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend and his Ocean Machine pedal. · Source:

In terms of specifications, you will get the following: two fully independent delays with 17 different delay types and these can each have up to two seconds of delay with sub-divisions, an ‘obligatory’ tap-tempo feature (you really do have to have tap-tempo on this type of delay) and also an optional ping-pong delay effect as well.

This is combined with a large, spacious reverb effect which has a total of nine different reverbs. There’s also a Shimmer effect as well. The pedal also utilises a looper section, for when you need to layer your sounds. There’s 32 MB of built-in storage for up to a minute of recording time. You can also run loops at half-speed, so it sounds like it will be great for ambient effects, layering and soundscapes.

The sounds are organised into 8 banks, with storing 3 presets, making a total of 24 effects settings at your disposal.


Complex, yet simple?

The pedal can also be controlled via an external foot pedal for live editing of parameters, ideal for when your hands are busy playing. The onboard dedicated controls allow you to edit and control each parameter of the individual effects. In the video below, Devin talks about how he wants the Ocean Machine to be intuitive to use, yet have some seriously complex effect processing going on and still maintain ease of use. It’ll be a great trick if they can pull it off!

I would suggest you check out Devin’s video demo below and then see what you think. The version he is using is still a pre-production model. The full version should be out soon, but will also be available to try out at the Mooer stand at Winter NAMM 2017.

RRP Estimated at around $299 – $350 USD

Check the Mooer site here for more details on the Devin Townsend Ocean Machine 

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Mooer Devin Townsend Ocean Machine

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