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Team collaboration has been trending in music production even before the pandemic. But in a COVID-stricken world, remote collaboration tools have become invaluable. With Mixbucket, developer Felix Melchhardt presents a new web-based tool that handles an overlooked, but critical aspect of professional production. MixBucket aims to make documenting song feedback faster, easier, and possible from a distance. Oh, did I mention it’s free?


Mixbucket simplifies collaboration on pieces of music and mixes

Mixbucket uses the Dropbox or Google Drive system as data storage. This means you need Dropbox or Google Drive access for this feedback system. In Mixbucket, you can have your customers or band mates add written or spoken comments to your songs or mixes. Going beyond simple notes, it is even possible to insert new melody or percussion ideas into the track’s timeline in the format of voice recording. Mind you, though, the software is still in alpha and a few bugs may rear their heads here and there.

There are similar web-based products on the market (such as Bounce Boss) that support collaboration on music productions through a simple feedback system. But they’re not free, unlike Mixbucket. The service also seems to work very intuitively, even in the alpha pre-release version. The features are briefly explained: play a piece of music, click “comment ” at the desired point in the song, and enter text or record a voice over. Then you approve and send your feedback. Sounds good!

It is also very nice that the playback of the song is paused while commenting. The music only continues after feedback on the specific section of the song has been completed. For the comments itself, the app even offers suggestions for input. This is similar to word suggestions when typing on a smartphone. However, this feature is only available in English at the moment. The entries can also be edited, improved and marked as completed at any time.

Of course, the developer is also looking forward to user feedback. After all, this is the only way he can develop and complete the functionality. There is no exciting feedback system for this, however – just the old-fashioned way via the forum page at

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