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Jack's Instrument Services Fuzzbeast  ·  Source: Jack's Instrument Services

You may recall our recent post about Jack’s Instrument Services’ Jazzmaster and its built-in delay effect. Now the UK-based guitar builder has squeezed a fuzz into a Les Paul to create a monstrous guitar with plenty of attitude!

Low down and dirty

The latest epic build from UK-based Jack’s Instrument Services is the Fuzzbeast. This time it’s based on an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, infusing it with a fuzz and octave effect. What really got my attention was how neatly they’ve accomplished the job. The fuzz looks like it sits perfectly in the guitar body.

The heart of the Fuzzbeast.JPG

The heart of the Fuzzbeast


The Epiphone Les Paul has had the pickups upgraded to a set of Tonerider Generator zebra pickups. A nice touch, but the real upgrade to this guitar is the fuzz effect in the style of a ZVex Fuzz Factory with an octave effect and a joystick to control the Stab parameter.

The Fuzzbeast

The Fuzzbeast

Fuzz Power

I love that they gave the guitar a stereo output with the power running down one side of the cable, so no need to worry about replacing batteries. A neat solution and very nicely implemented.

You can check out the video below to hear a detailed overview of how they built this beast of a single-cut guitar. I love crazy guitars like this and to see such great work puts a smile on may face. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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    Who is the artist and the title of that track that you’ve played in that guitar riff on the 9 sec mark?

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