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NI Massive X

NI Massive X  ·  Source: NI

NI Massive X Skins

NI Massive X Skins  ·  Source: NI


Native Instruments has released the 1.1 update to Massive X and addressed a couple of cosmetic issues that users have been moaning about.


Massive X 1.1

First of all the envelope sections at the bottom now visually display the actual envelope that you’ve crafted not just a generic image of an ADSR. This seems like a total no-brainer and no one has managed to explain why on earth it was like this to start with. So congratulations on fixing something that had no business being there in the first place. They say they’ve also made the Switcher LFO dynamic but I can’t see what they mean with that. The display on the Random LFO stays resolutely static.

The second big change is that there are now a handful of visual alternatives to the rather insipid colour scheme. There was nothing really wrong with how it looked but being able to change the skin to suit your working environment is very welcome. You can now switch on a dark or light theme and either have the knobs in the default faux 3D view or completely flat which they say saves on CPU power. Personally I’m quite liking the dark theme with sculpted knobs.

What’s still missing is any modulation animation. The majority of software synthesizers will show moving knobs or parameters in response to LFOs or modulations being present – not Massive X. You tie in an LFO, set the amount and although the sound changes the knob remains indifferent.


So, for me, has fixed something that never should have been there and given us some good new skins but there still seems a lot to do before Massive X is the dynamic and engaging environment that it really should be. I can’t fault the sound or the complexity or general awesomeness of synthesizer but the interface, in my view, is more hard work than it needs to be. We do get another bunch of 60 presets that are a lot of fun and there’s still no standalone version. But we’re getting there!

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One response to “Massive X 1.1 update fixes the envelope visualisation and adds new skins”

    KHH says:

    Installing the demos (both 1.0 and 1.1) didn’t include any presets except for a few basic “init” ones for me; anyone else experiencing this?

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