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Native Instruments Massive X will be released on June 27  ·  Source: Native Instruments / Instagram

The plot is thickening: It looks like Native Instruments Massive X is finally about to be released. Word is that the highly anticipated software synthesizer will come out on June 27, as Native Instruments has confirmed on social media. If that’s true, it means that the company is keeping its promise to release Massive X in June 2019, even if just barely.

For the past week or so, Native Instruments’ social media team has been answering user inquiries on Instagram and Facebook with “June 27”. This means that we have every reason to believe that it will be following through with the June release date, even if there isn’t an official announcement yet. After months of waiting and a series of mouth-watering blog posts, it seems that we’ll be able to get our hands on Massive X very soon!

Two wavetable oscillators, fully modular structure

We already knew that Massive X will be a completely new synth. It will coexist with the original Massive, rather than replace it. And it looks like its list of features will be quite … massive. It has two wavetable oscillators with 10 operating modes, which let you manipulate wavetables in many ways. Two phase modulation oscillators are tasked with modulating the main oscillators. The noise section produces over 100 different flavors of noise, including natural soundscapes. There’s a selection of eight different filters. Massive X also features a large array of envelopes and LFOs with rhythmic modulation capabilities and parameter sequencing.

With a modular routing system, which lets you make drag&drop connections between the synth’s various modules, it appears that Massive X will be highly configurable. The modular concept means that it should be capable of pretty much any modulation you can come up with. And there’s an insert FX section, which lets you insert additional oscillators, among other things. The bottom line is that this release seems to be highly anticipated for a reason – Massive X really does look like a software synthesizer in its own league. And we’ll all get to try it out in just a couple of days, if the rumors are true.

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