Cyber Monday/Week

Cyber Monday/Week Deals still on!

23 Nov 2016 · It's that time of year again, and there are some very hefty discounts on great gear - if you know where to look! We point you to some of the best Black Friday discounts around.

D16 Repeater – the ultimate delay plug-in?

03 Oct 2016 · A dual delay featuring 23 vintage models is announced as a collaboration between D16 and Slate Digital. Is the Repeater every delay you ever wanted or do you just have a bad case of wind?

D16 Group release Decimort 2 high-quality bitcrusher

08 Jan 2016 · Decimort 2 is built around the idea that the Akai and Emu samplers of that long gone age of hardware samplers had a sound, an edge, that's been lost in software sampling. Decimort 2 brings back the grit and ...