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D16 Decimort 2

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They call it the “highest quality low-quality effect you can buy” and it’s a really cool and apt tagline. Building on the success of the original this newly designed version 2 brings a vastly improved interface along with a whole stack of new features to help you destroy your audio in the best possible way. It’s built around the idea that the Akai and Emu samplers of that long gone age of hardware samplers had a sound, an edge, that’s been lost in software sampling. Decimort 2 tries to bring back the grit and colour of that vintage sampler sound and onwards towards complete and creative bit crushing.


Bit crushing is a very common effect, you find it all over the place, but D16 insist that the Decimort 2 has a lot more to offer. Beyond the familiar controls of bit resolution and sampling frequency they include two anti-aliasing filters. One removes all harmonic content above the cut-off to ensure that no aliasing appears in the audio. The other controls the amount of aliasing above the resampling frequency. There’s adjustable jitter which can introduce short, random fluctuations to the resampling frequency and two quantisation methods to bring flavourful dynamic responses. You can also control dithering to further mistreat your audio. Add to that a pair of analog style filters, MIDI learn on all parameters and 64-bit internal processing and you’ve got one interesting sound mangling machine.

One surprisingly useful new feature is that it has two GUI sizes. This is very helpful for two reasons, firstly that with the arrival of 4K screens and ultra, super, hyper resolutions on all sorts of screens and devices some plug-in GUI’s are becoming rather tiny. At the flick of a switch you can blow up Decimort 2 to a more usable size. Secondly, all of D16 Groups plug-ins are multi-touchable and so a larger GUI helps with getting your fingers on those controls.

Decimort 2 is a VST, Audio Unit and AAX plug-in in 32-bit and 64-bit versions and is available now for €39. If you’re an existing customer, check out your user account for a cool discount voucher.

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