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New in from plugin makers D16 is Frontier, which they’re calling a “self-adaptive versatile limiter”. This is a special release as it’s only currently available for registered users – people who have bought their products in the past – and it’s completely free. Will it become available to the rest of the world in the future? Who knows, but you could always pick up one of their other plugins and see if that helps you to qualify (I don’t actually know if that would work!).

It feels good to be rewarded for buying something. Often, deals are available to first time customers only, or for crossgrades. So when a company recognises your worth and what you’ve invested into their business, however small, then it tends to give you a warm glow inside. Native Instruments have done similar things in the past and it’s always welcome. On the other hand I bought a plugin recently from Waves that was on special and now I’m inundated with emails from them urging me to buy more – it’s interesting how these different approaches affects your perception of a company.

But for those of us who have a D16 plugin in our plugin folders, I can tell you it’s a beautiful-looking limiter that contains an algorithm for automatic gain makeup which normalizes the volume after passing the limiting section. It can offer soft or hard clipping, a controllable release characteristic that lets it perform it more drastic wave-shaping as well as soft removal of peaks on the gentler settings. As with most D16 plugins, it has two sizes of GUI making it friendly for high-resolution screens and also very touchable. It has a comprehensive preset browser, MIDI control and that lovely glowing VU meter slap bang in the middle. Simple and effective, that’s what we like.

It’s available now for free for all registered users in VST, AU and AAX format for Windows and OSX.

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