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spiff transient designer

 ·  Source: oeksound


Developer oeksound released a new plug-in for macOS and Windows called spiff. spiff is a transient designer made for boosting or attenuating transients in “extreme detail”. The processor analyses incoming signal and applies processing only on parts of the signal which contain transient information, keeping the rest of the signal free from processing artеfacts.


According to oeksound, spiff is effective for taming problems like mouth noises, hard consonants, clicks and pops. As a transient designer, it’s able to soften the pick attack from a guitar recording, for example, or bring such elements — like the fundamental frequencies of drums — to the front of the mix, without introducing boominess.

The plug-in is made to function with minimal user input and, supposedly, can be left on a track with no need for making further adjustments. In case you want to manually shape the sound, you can see which frequencies are being affected on a graph and use delta toggle and per-band cue to hear the result with optional oversampling and resolution increase.

spiff is a powerful transient designer for sure, and its adaptive functionality probably eases its usability. Furthermore, the interface is very modern and quite pleasant to look at.

Price and availability

Regularly sold for EUR 150, spiff costs EUR 99 until the end of April and is available for Windows & macOS systems in VST, AAX, and AU formats. The plug-in is authorised via iLok, though the hardware dongle is not required. A free trial version can be downloaded.

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