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Diezel VH Micro leaked

Diezel VH Micro leaked  ·  Source: Ebay


It looks like the Mini Amp head format is about to get a new member. An ad has appeared on eBay that appears to be showing the new Diezel VH Micro, stating it reproduces the “sound of the Vh4”. 


LEAK: Diezel VH Micro

The sale via eBay is from a seller in Japan and not exactly full of details. The only text on the sale is “Diezel Vh Micro Famous Reproduced The Sound Of VH4 Mini Amp Head Smtb-Tk 10X”, but that is enough to work out that this new Mini Amp head is a Diezel VH4 channel.

When we dug a little deeper, we found the Diezel VH Micro for sale in Japan at Ishibashi. So we know it is a legit product. The listing states it has a “High gain tone that inherits the 3ch sound of Diezel VH4” and is rated at 30-watts. Then, we found a very rough sounding YouTube video in Japanese demoing this new amp! The video is already a couple of weeks old.

New Diezel Vh Micro on eBay

The new Diezel Vh Micro spotted on eBay

Ishibashi in Japan also list this new VH Micro

The online listing from Ishibashi in Japan

Boutique Amp Distribution

I suspect this amp comes from Boutique Amp Distribution, as they handle Friedman, Bogner and, of course, Diezel, among others. It’s similar to the Friedman BE Mini and more recent Bogner Mini Ecstasy releases, both of which follow the same 30-watt solid-state format, and replicate the tones of the more expensive, all-tube 100-watt plus amp heads from these boutique designers.

You may remember that Boutique Amp Distribution was affected by a fire back in June of this year, so it is great to see the company back and able to get more products out post that incident.

Diezel Vh Micro

Front panel

Diezel Vh Micro rear

Rear panel


You can clearly see the amp’s controls for Master, Deep, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain. Unlike the Friedman and the Bogner editions though, there are no mini-switches for voicing options here.


It does have two speaker outs on 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm, as well as an effect send and return loop on the rear panel. Let us know what you think of these new Mini Amp heads in the comments section below.

More Information on Diezel


Diezel VH Micro Video

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Diezel VH Micro leaked

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