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Leak: Apple M2 rainbow coloured MacBook Air

Leak: Apple M2 rainbow coloured MacBook Air  ·  Source: Jon Prosser


According to leaker Jon Prosser, Apple will be adding the MacBook Air in seven different colours, like the recent new iMacs (which he also predicted correctly). These new rainbow-coloured versions of the lightweight laptop will feature the new Apple Silicon M2 processor.


Apple MacBook Air M2

The next version of the Apple MacBook Air has been leaked. Or at least Mr Jon Prosser, who is known for quite precise predictions, has published some rendered pictures that are supposed to represent the new generation. Of course, these images were created graphically and do not correspond to the “originals”. Apparently, there will be seven different colours, just like with the recent iMac launch.

Another design innovation is the white keyboard and a white bevel around the screen, which mimics the new iMacs. There’s also a Touch ID built into the power on button.


These rumoured M2 MacBook Air models may also have two USB-C ports. Unlike the MacBook Pro (both on one side), these sockets will be on the left and right. It is not known whether the predicted MagSafe connection is already being considered here. Prosser speculates that Apple will attach two rubber strips to the underside, instead of four rubber feet. It looks odd, but they’ve had MacBooks with whole rubber bottoms in the past (the ones that pealed off), so it is possible.

What does this mean for musicians?

I’m running an M1 based system myself in my studio and it has plenty of power, even with only 8GB of memory (RAM). So if we do see an M2 based laptop towards the end of 2021, it could be a huge advantage to musicians on the move, as it potentially means more plugins and even more virtual instruments.

I’ve run some pretty hefty tests on my Apple Silicon system and, compared to my six-core Intel i9 system, the M1 can do way more virtual effects and instruments. So an M2-based portable is probably worth holding out for if you are planning to record and run a DAW setup.


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by Jef

4 responses to “Leak: Apple M2 rainbow coloured MacBook Airs: What does this mean for musicians?”

  1. JP says:

    As a Macintosh user for 30 years, I would NEVER recommend anyone buys the first iteration of any new Apple product!
    Wait until Apple gets into its stride with the the second or third generation of the product and give third party manufacturers of accessories, software, etc time to catch up.

    Also… just because you CAN run a ton of effects and software instruments, it doesn’t mean you MUST. Less is often more.
    People forget that the Beatles and many other bands that became legendary worked wonders with just four tracks and a lot of creativity.

    • Jef says:

      As a Macintosh user for 35 years (I started on System 7) and over 15 years working for Apple and setting up recording studios/pro audio, I still think it is good to know what it could do.

      As for early adoption on Apple Silicon, you’ve already missed the boat on that as it started in 2020, so not sure what your point is?

      Also, I ran some tests in Logic and Reaper, all my plugins work and I’ve also made an old Firewire 400 Mackie Onyx desk work perfectly with an M1 Mac Mini.

  2. Kevin says:

    As the name suggests M2 is the second generation and technically Apple has been in the cpu arm design since 2010 (and before that also).

  3. My dream macbook air—-
    A 14 or 15 inch screen
    As thin as shown in the renders of john
    Black bezzels and keyboard
    Mini led display with promotion
    1080p webcam with ultra wide lens and center stage

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