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As part of Isotonik Studios, accomplished developer and sound designer Riccardo Sellan released Lambda II, a real-time granular effects Max for Live device. It’s a fairly deep effect with several sections and modes to explore. Ultimately, it’s about granulating input audio in freeze or real-time mode with playable 8-voice polyphony. Here’s more about Lambda II and it’s various features:


Isotonik Studios Lambda II

Lambda II is sort of a mini granular sampler with the feature set of a big, mean granular mangler. It lets you play and sequence the grains in 8-voice polyphony, in either real-time or from the frozen input buffer. Further along, grains can be generated in sync with the Ableton Live host tempo. That’s possible via step sequencing and MIDI input.

The granularized input can be fed through various effects. These include pitch shifting (for each voice), delay and feedback (for each grain), 8 band-pass filter, amplitude (per voice), and stereo widening. Additionally, the audio input can be viewed through a sonogram visualizer.

The complete list of parameters includes effects controls and options, some of which are fairly typical of granular effects. There are parameters like Buffer size (1s to 30s), Recycle (pre or post), Position (for random granulating), Duration, Density, Envelope (with attack and shape parameters), and others.


The pitch-shifting effect supports 2-octave transposition, fine-tuning in cents, detune and glide. Likewise, the delay lets you specify a different delay value for each generated grain, adjust the interpolation time between one delay value and the next, and apply feedback on the delay network with randomness.

Lambda II – Price and availability

Lambda II costs GBP 20 and requires Ableton Live 10 or 11 (Suite or Standard with Max for Live). Note that there is no MIDI input support in Live 10. A 64-bit computer running at least macOS 10.11.6 or Windows 8 is needed.

More information

Lambda II Demo Video

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More Information

Lambda II MaxforLive Granular Audio Device for Ableton Live by Riccardo Sellan

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