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J74 PitchControl

J74 PitchControl  ·  Source:

J74 PitchControl

J74 PitchControl  ·  Source: J74


J74 PitchControl is an exciting new Max for Live tool for advanced vocal processing. Electronic musician and software developer Fabrizio Poce is clearly passionate about his work.


“Everything, always, rigorously, 100% REAL-TIME”

J74 PitchControl is designed mainly for processing the human voice via a mic signal. It allows the user to manipulate the input through processing such as tuning, re-pitching, LFO modulaion and vocoding. It can even process the same vocal into multiple harmonies via MIDI control!

Max for Live tools work inside Ableton Live enabling music creation using bundled soft synths, samplers, sequencers, effects and more. It also has the tools to develop custom applications to suit the user. What’s really cool is the big online community of users who are able to share patches and help troubleshooting. Patches are also compatible with the standalone Max software.

In 1998 the artist Cher released a single, “Believe” featuring a heavily processed lead vocal created with Auto-Tune. Since then artists such as T-Pain have relied on similar effects and it has become a staple of R&B vocal mixing.

Using a MIDI keyboard…

With J74 PitchControl it’s possible to ‘play’ harmonies in realtime. Imogen Heap is known for similar use of vocoders. PitchControl would also be great for automating advanced vocal harmonies. For example, a solo performer who plays to click track could trigger layers of harmonies that come in for the chorus of a song. Each harmony would be created in advance. They could also be heard in other ways (for example the same MIDI part triggering a synth sound).


Other elements within J74 PitchControl could be programmed as well – so little or no pitch correction on verses, but a subtle “wet tuning” effect to thicken the lead vocal applied in a chorus.

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More Information

J74 PitchControl costs €15 (excluding VAT) and is available directly from the developer Fabrizio Poce.

J74 PitchControl

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